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In providing continuously improved services, NSH has established a quality assurance system covering all functions of the business that has been qualified and certified to ISO 9001 Standards by RWTUV Germany and recognized globally.

NaSAH Australia Pty Ltd, in line with the parent company is committed to providing the best quality services to its customers whereby we become a bench mark leader in respect to quality among competitors. NaSAH Australia Pty Ltd hold to the philosophy that quality ownership belongs to all aspects of the business from top executive management through to working levels being directly involved in the monitoring & reviewing of quality systems.

The quality system manuals of NSH and NaSAH Australia Pty Ltd are grouped into four levels of key focus where distribution and control is emphasized through assigned controllers both at corporate level and at project working sites.
· Level 1 - Quality systems manual
· Level 2 – Specified procedures
· Level 3 - Work instructions & specifications
· Level 4 - Formats & records

Quality assurance plans are always prepared in consultation and consideration of client specifications and standards and these are delivered at each site project with inspections and testing performed at the three stages of Receiving, in Process and at Handover.

These include the calibration of instruments and gauges prior to use. Defective materials and non-conforming works are identified, recorded, reviewed and rectified. For all steps quality control records are maintained through to final completion of projects and submitted to clients as per respective ITPs.
Audits are carried out at corporate and site levels by trained and qualified auditors at predetermined intervals with results continually recorded and reviewed by the management review committee where any corrective actions are identified and addressed.